Natural Caves

The sulphureous rocky caves of the Terme Reali di Valdieri are classified as natural because they are directly heated by the thermal aquifer and the sulphureous steam saturates them (relative humidity: 98-99%).

The water temperature oscillates between 51 and 58 Celsius degrees: this way the rooms are heated up to a temperature that fluctuates between 35 and 46 Celsius degrees.

The atmosphere is saturated by the thermal steam and it is rich in sulphur hydrogen, which has a trophic action on the mucosae, on the cartilages and onto the skin. The sulphureous steam has a strong anti-inflammatory, mucolytic and immune action.

Heat treatment has an antiphlogistigistic, analgesic, muscle relaxant and trophic activity.

Therapeutic indications

Chronic and recurring pathologies of locomotor and breathing apparata:
• locomotor apparatus: arthrosis, rheumatism, functional and surgical outcomes, osteoporosis;
• breathing apparatus: sinusitis, chronic-obstructive bronchopulmonary pathologies.

Treatment methodology

You can stay a period of about ten minutes into the cave. Then there is a phase of sudorific reaction of twenty minutes in bed.

Medical prescription

One treatment per day for 12 consecutive days, a rest in the middle of the cycle is recommended.


Pain reduction and increased articular functionality.

*To be admitted to the thermal treatments medical clearance and certification is needed.

Prenota parco termale Prenota parco termale