Cleansing milk


Flacone 125 ml

Emulsion with a peculiar low-fat content with an exclusive delicate cleansing, suitable even for the most sensitive cutis for those who can not use neither water nor other cleansers. It effectively balances the skin’s hydration respecting the optimal hydrolipidic equilibrium.
An ideal solution to remove impurities and make-up traces from the skin, it is suitable to be applied on children skin. The lotion successfully favours oily and acneic skin regularization and betterment, leaving the skin feeling silky smooth.
Delicately massage the product in a circular way. Remove the excess with a wad of cotton wool or rinse it out with lukewarm water.



Dermatologia, Medicina Generica e Radioterapia
Formulato appositamente per offrire e detergere con un ottimo rapporto qualità/prezzo, adatto a tutte le pelli e per i soggetti che non possono o non desiderano detergersi con l’acqua.

Particolarmente adatto a detergere la delicata epidermide infantile e delle mamme.