Royal history

The first documents related to this wonderful thermal complex date back to half of 1500: Bartolomeo Viotto published a treaty about thermal water in 1552 and in 1559 Nicola Balbo, into a memorial to the Duke Emanuele Filiberto, mentioned the SPA and the possibility to exploit the thermal water.

In 1575 was published the Tractatus de balneis Vinadii et Valderii spud Pedemontanos by Francesco Gallina, the first book about Valdieri thermal water.

In the following centuries studies and research of this kind grew in number because of the development of chemistry and because of the interest in the therapeutical properties of thermal water.

In 1558 the first thermal SPA was built by Valdieri Municipality. In 1755 the King Carlo Emanuele III finally decided to visit the place and for the occasion a building known as Regio Baraccone was built on the right side of the Gesso river, just in front of the existing thermal SPA.

Around 1770 many other constructions were built on the left side of the river.
In 1774 a fire burnt almost everything.
At the beginning of 1800 started reconstruction. Firstly the Baraccone was rebuilt and later the other buildings on the left side of the river. It had been certified in a report that in 1820 almost the whole of the buildings were restored.
The growth of the thermal complex was stopped by the Napoleonic war up to the 1830. After that the road from the village of Sant’Anna was built and in 1833 Carlo Alberto stayed in Terme for a whole month.

In 1855 was formed a committee for the construction of a new SPA. The same year the King Vittorio Emanuele visited the Gesso Valley and the Terme di Valdieri and he was charmed and fascinated by the the beauty of the places and by the richness of game. The board of auditors decided to give the King their right of fishing and hunting on the area because of his passion. The Royal Hunting Reserve was born.

Between 1857 and 1870 the Royal Architects built the summer resorts in Sant’Anna di Valdieri, the hunting houses in San Giacomo of Entracque and in Pian del Valasco. In Terme four Swiss style chalets are built, two of which still existing and nowadays completely restored: the Casa della Bela Rosin and the facing Casino di Caccia.
The 10th July 1857 King Vittorio Emanuele II decided to start the construction of the Hotel Royal of Terme Reali di Valdieri.

Since then the Terme have continuously restored and renovated their structures, modernize their hotel and thermal services and have developed, through scientific research in collaboration with Milan University, new therapeutical indication for a wider range of thermal treatments for wellness and wellbeing.

Prenota parco termale Prenota parco termale