Thermal Springs

Natural sulphurous thermal springs with antioxidant, depurative, lenitive and regenerative virtues. Discover all their benefits! From the rocky body of the Matto Mount flow out therapeutic water, beneficial to treat locomotor, respiratory, otolaryngological, dermatological and gynecological diseases. The virtues of the natural active principles used for wellness and wellbeing.

Thermal Water

Terme Reali di Valdieri water belongs to the group of the sulphureous sulphate-chloride-sodic hyperthermal waters (50-75 °C) and has a distinctly alkaline pH value (9.4).

Thermal treatments

Sulphureous water, Thermal Algae and Natural Caves: natural treasures given to us by the environment for thermal therapeutic purposes.

Prenota parco termale Prenota parco termale