Wellness treatments

Naturalness of the thermal cosmetics and perfume of the essential oils for a regenerating experience. Moisturizing, brightness, tonicity and vigor. Leave your emotional stress behind and enjoy the experience of a physical and spiritual self-renewal. The anti-aging proprieties of the thermal cosmetics together with professional treatments tone up the whole body and combat cutaneous blemishes to guarantee you a wonderful wellness and wellbeing experience.

Facial beauty treatments

Regenerating facial treatments with sulphureous algae

A customized treatment to restore the ideal hydro-lipidic equilibrium of the skin. It gives the face a pleasant sensation of relaxation.

Price: € 60,00

Body beauty treatments

Smoothing body treatment

The smoothing treatment, thanks to the action of the salty body scrub, favors the epidermic renewal, it stimulates the cellular oxygenation and it gives the skin a youthful, tonic and elastic appearance.

Price: € 55,00

Vulca volcanic minerals treatment

Mineral particles, deriving from the natural combination of different volcanic rocks with a specific activity, and Thermal water as a natural and concrete solution for your beauty, wellness, wellbeing.
An avant-garde and unique cosmetic treatment that optimizes the extraordinary richness of minerals and their balancing, anti-aging and reparative proprieties, to combat the functional derangements and the cutaneous blemishes.

Price: from € 80,00

Brush and honey treatment

Body brushing has a draining, muscle relaxant, tonic and energizing effect. It gives the skin a soft and velvety touch thanks to the nourishing and moisturizing actions of honey, karitè butter and jojoba oil.

Price: € 65,00

Body brushing

Body brushing is beneficial to reduce surface skin blemishes and to benefit the circulatory, lymphatic and nervous systems.
The brush dry rubbing follows the same principles of acupuncture: it stimulates the skin nerve endings. The organs, glands, muscles and tendons thus receive a strung functional benefit and a wellbeing sensation spread over the whole body.

Length: 30 minutes
Price: € 35,00

Cold therapy wrap

Cold wrap has a vasoconstrictive and draining effect. It is used to reduce swelling and leg heaviness. It is beneficial for circulatory and lymphatic systems and to improve the metabolism of the adipose cells as well. It can be combined with the Natural Caves to redress the balance of vasodilatation and to boost their detoxifying effects. Cold wrap has a strong tonic, reducing and anti cellulite action: it gives your legs a beautiful appearance.

Price: € 40,00

Regenerating hand treatment

A pleasantly skin nourishing and moisturizing treatment and cuticle and nail regenerating solution. An ideal remedy to treat dry and chapped skins for a new and natural skin smoothness. Healthy hands for a soft and velvety touch.

Length: 45 minutes
Price: € 30,00


Feet health and beauty through skin, nails and cuticles care and through the treatment of corns and callosities or any other kind of hyperkeratosic manifestation to solve, mitigate or prevent neuralgias.

Length: 60 minutes
Price: € 45,00


Honey hair wax removal by roll or spatula. A lenitive oil smoothes and softens the skin after the treatment.

Price: from € 8,00 to € 40,00

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