From the end of the Seventies,
the Bonetto Family owns the Terme Reali di Valdieri
who manages the hotel and thermal business with initiative,
passion and dedication.
Alghe termali • Terme Reali di Valdieri

The love for spontaneity and for the interaction between human beings and natural environment are the philosophical basis for this Thermal Spa and Resort management.

Terme ottocentesche • Terme Reali di Valdieri

Such historical place was chosen by the Italian Royal family Savoia as summer resort. The thermal resort buildings still show evidence of past splendours on their way to the future.

Parco naturale Alpi Marittime • Terme Reali di Valdieri

A paradisiac and relaxing place into the deep heart of the Alpi Marittime Nature Reserve, among rare specimens of alpine floral and faunal species.

Green projects and collaborations

Ecoturismo in Marittime • Terme Reali di Valdieri
neZEH • Terme Reali di Valdieri
Ospitalità Italiana • Terme Reali di Valdieri
Bike Experience