Thermal SPA treatments

The purifying warmth of Sulphureous Algae for a velvety and bright skin appearance, the relaxing steam of the Natural Caves for a regenerating sensation and the purity of the Thermal Muds for a detoxifying and smoothing effect.
Beauty, wellness and wellbeing through the thermal treatments.

Facial thermal treatments

Regenerating facial treatment with sulphureous algae

The sulphureous algae, thanks to their extraordinary keratolytic proprieties, smooth and reduce cutaneous thicknesses, giving the skin brightness and firmness.
The soothing and anti-inflammatory action of sulphur regulates the sebum production, oxygenates and decongests the tissues stimulating their regeneration.
An ideal treatment to purify and to redress the balance of greasy skins. It is suited for aged skin thanks to the regenerating and brightening characteristics of the Sulphureous Algae.

Price: € 65,00

Sulphureous mud pack

Sulphureous mud has a strong absorbent and anti-inflammatory effect. Thus, if efficaciously removes cutaneous impurities and it affects the pilose-sebaceous channels, redressing the balance of the skin and giving back the face its natural brightness and its correct hydration.
It is the best solution to treat greasy and oily skins.

Price: € 35,00

Body Thermal Treatments

Rasul • Thermal mud & natural cave

Taking inspiration to a famous oriental technique, in Terme Reali di Valdieri we offer our guests a revised treatment, boosted by the proprieties of the Sulphureous water.
The main goal is a deep skin cleansing of the whole body using a horsehair glove and a pack of thermal mud, with absorbent and detoxifying proprieties. The treatment is made inside the Natural Cave, where the thermal steam dilates the pores and relaxes the muscular tensions. A cold shower alternates the sudatory phase to stimulate blood circulation an ton up the body.
A relaxation phase of 15 minutes ends up the treatment.

Price: € 60,00

Smoothing body treatment in natural cave

A treatment inside the Natural Caves to renovate the cutaneous cells and give the skin a bright and smooth appearance. The synergic action of the Salty Thermal Scrub by Algaval Cosmetics, delicately smoothing and deeply hydrating, makes the skin silky and soft.

Length: 60 minutes
Price: € 60,00

Body brushing & Rasul

Body brushing is beneficial to reduce surface skin blemishes and to benefit the circulatory, lymphatic and nervous systems.
The brush dry rubbing follows the same principles of acupuncture: it stimulates the skin nerve endings. The organs, glands, muscles and tendons thus receive a strung functional benefit and a wellbeing sensation spread over the whole body.

Price: € 80,00

Draining body mud or Tonic body mud

Anti-oxidative and firming natural thermal mud treatment to shape, drain and tone up the body. It efficaciously reactivates the microcirculation, elasticizes and smoothes the skin to combat the liquid stagnation and the adipose blemishes giving the legs a pleasant sensation of lightness.

Price: € 55,00

Vulca volcanic minerals treatment

Mineral particles, deriving from the natural combination of different volcanic rocks with a specific activity, and Thermal water as a natural and concrete solution for your beauty, wellness, wellbeing.
An avant-garde and unique cosmetic treatment that optimizes the extraordinary richness of minerals and their balancing, anti-aging and reparative proprieties, to combat the functional derangements and the cutaneous blemishes.

Length: 85 minutes
Price: from € 80,00

Brush and honey treatment with Natural Cave

Body brushing has a draining, muscle relaxant, tonic and energizing effect. It gives the skin a soft and velvety touch thanks to the nourishing and moisturizing actions of honey, karitè butter and jojoba oil.

Price: € 90,00

Anti-aging soothing hands and/or feet intensive treatment with Sulphureous Algae

A pleasantly soothing and regenerating sulphureous algae compress to restore the optimal skin hydration. An ideal remedy to treat dry and chapped skins for a new and natural skin smoothness.

Price: € 35,00 (hands or feet); € 60,00 (hands and feet)

Thermal Hydromassage + rest & relaxation phase

A pleasant and regenerating thermal bath in sulphureous water to relax and enjoy the tonic massage of the water jets and their beneficial action on the microcirculation.

Price: € 30,00