A eco- friendly resort to minimize impact and protect biodiversity.
The aim is to build environmental awareness and respect local culture.
A green structure that aims to reduct its environmental impact
and to find an harmony synthesis with the ecosystem we belong to.
A hotel with low environmental impact
for the healthiest stay of its guests.
Ecoturismo in Marittime • Terme Reali di Valdieri

The Terme Reali di Valdieri belongs to the association Ecoturismo in Marittime with different local institutions.

neZEH • Terme Reali di Valdieri

neZEH was a three-year project supported and financed by the European Commission for environmental and energetic research and renewal.

Ospitalità Italiana • Terme Reali di Valdieri

The quality label Ospitalità Italiana is a certification promoted by the Chamber of Commerce to evaluate the accommodation and gastronomic facilities in Italy.

Bike Experience

This product club was born from the desire to propose a customised holiday to guests who are cycling enthusiasts, amateur cyclists or professional cyclists.