Water games for your cheerful and carefree moments.
Thermal steam and sulphurous water to give you a pure and flourishing wrap-over warmth.
In a pleasant Solarium Garden, surrounded by alpine flora, different proposals
for your thermal experience into the true nature.
A riverside area given to wellness, wellbeing and relaxation.
Piscina Parco termale • Terme Reali di Valdieri

Thermal pool

Water jets and waterfalls in the open enraptured by the Maritime Alps. Experience the natural warmth of the Thermal swimming pool (34 °C) and from the water that flows out of the rock to cuddle you.

Terme Reali di Valdieri


A natural steam bath with tonic and decongestant properties to contrast stress and physical and nervous tensions. Savor a sensorial regeneration, wellness and wellbeing through the balance between mind and body.

Solarium • Terme Reali di Valdieri


A beautiful Solarium terrace surrounds the Thermal swimming pool among lights, sounds and colors in the stillness of the nature: an ideal equipped place to rest and for sunlight exposure.

Terme Reali di Valdieri

Water games

Water for renovation and vitality. Vascular path and foothbath: ancient wellbeing disciplines that present you with bubbling and scintillating moments to give your body energy and tonicity.