The thermal treatments available by the Terme Reali di Valdieri are:
Sulphureous Algae and Thermal Baths or Natural Caves with sudorific reaction (antrotherapy)
to treat chronic and recurring pathologies of locomotor apparatus; Sulphureous Balneotherapy
to benefit the cutaneous apparatus; Inhalation Therapy and Endotympanic Insufflations
for otolaryngological diseases; Vaginal Irrigations for gynecological treatments.

The SPA operates within the National Health Service.

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Natural caves
The sulphureous rocky caves of the Terme Reali di Valdieri are classified as natural because they are directly heated by the thermal aquifer and the sulphureous steam saturates them (relative humidity: 98-99%).

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Sulphureous algae
Valdieri Thermal algae typify the uniqueness of the place. the grow and reproduce thanks to the thermal water and the particular climate of the region. These autotrophic organisms metabolize the hydrogen sulphide...

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Thermal baths or Balneotherapy
Sulphureous Balneotherapy is beneficial to treat chronic inflammatory processes related to the articular and dermatological apparata.
Sulphur, indeed, develops an antiphlogistic, analgesic...

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Inhalation therapy
The inhalation consists in a thermal water fragmentation into small particles vaporized at a temperature of about 37°C. This is an ideal treatment for upper respiratory tract infections and an excellent adjuvant to prevent...

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Endotympanic insufflations
Endotympanic Insufflations are a targeted thermal treatment for the middle ear pathologies, in particular the rhinogenous hypoacusia.

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Cure ginecologiche
Alle Terme Reali di Valdieri si effettuano cure termali con acque solfuree sull'apparato genitale femminile. È storicamente nota l'influenza del termalismo solfureo in ambito ginecologico, date le proprietà antiflogistiche, antisettiche e detergenti...

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Additional treatments
Massotherapy, Kinesitherapy, Hidrokinesitherapy: these are additional treatments to strengthen the action of the thermal therapy, rehabilitative and preventive techniques to prevent and relief muscular and articular pain...