Sustainable tourism

A eco- friendly resort to minimize impact and protect biodiversity. The aim is to build environmental awareness and respect local culture. A green structure that aims to reduct its environmental impact and to find an harmony synthesis with the ecosystem we belong to. A hotel with low environmental impact for the healthiest stay of its guests.

Terme Reali di Valdieri

The Terme Reali di Valdieri are placed in the deep heart of the Alpi Marittime Park, in the high Gesso Valley, surrounded by monumental beeches and secular trees. This is thermal spa and hotel resort is located at an altitude of 1,370 meters above the sea level and as such it represents the highest spa of Italy.

The exclusive symbiosis between the therapeutic offer and the benefits of the particular climatic conditions and the unpolluted nature: health, wellness and wellbeing.

Since ever environmental sustainability and respect are at the core of management politics of the Terme Reali di Valdieri PLC. From this the wish to join the green association Ecoturismo in Maritime, together with different local institutions, among which the same Nature Reserve, for the promotion of a sustainable tourism, respectful of territory, cultures an local communities.

According to the eco-friendly politics, the willingness of board of directors of Terme Reali di Valdieri PLC was to candidate as pilot case of the neZEH project. The Hotel Royal has been selected by the researchers working for the Superior Innovation Territorial Institute as the Italian regional leader and it was nominated pilot case among 16 other european samples, thanks to the particular attention to environmental thematics and to green-energy exploitation that passionate the managers.

Parco Naturale Alpi Marittime

These days the Alpi Marittime Park is the widest protected natural area in Piemonte and one of the wider of Italy. It has a unique environmental patrimony, characterized by the presence of peaks higher than 3,000 meters, mountain lakes, grasslands, alpine glaciers and plenty of endemic alpine floral and faunal species.

Ecoturismo in Marittime

The Terme Reali di Valdieri belongs to the association Ecoturismo in Marittime with different local institutions.


neZEH was a three-year project supported and financed by the European Commission for environmental and energetic research and renewal.

Ospitalità italiana

The quality label Ospitalità Italiana is a certification promoted by the Chamber of Commerce to evaluate the accommodation and gastronomic facilities in Italy.

Bike experience

This product club was born from the desire to propose a customised holiday to guests who are cycling enthusiasts, amateur cyclists or professional cyclists.

Prenota parco termale Prenota parco termale