Sulphureous algae

Valdieri Thermal algae typify the uniqueness of the place. the grow and reproduce thanks to the thermal water and the particular climate of the region. These autotrophic organisms metabolize the hydrogen sulphide of the thermal water which is transformed into sulphur and sulphates.

They grow on rocky terraces beside the spa through the flowing of thermal water at the temperature of 40°C. This particular growing process gives the algae very peculiar features and make them a distinguishing element of the therapeutic offer of the Terme Reali di Valdieri.

The thermal algae have a unique composition. They are made up of different kind of algae (cyanophytes, blue algae, green algae, diatoms, flagellates and several other protozoa). This vegetation is composed by many filaments soaked into a jelly-like mass, from 2 to 4 centimeters thick.
The microclimatic conditions and the chemical and physical characteristics of the water together with sunlight exposure create the ideal condition for these organisms to develop.

The therapeutic action of the sulphureous algae is similar to that of mud-therapy and it is based on the heat beneficial activity, the sulphur effects and the algae specific action.

Because of their dermatological benefits, thermal water and sulphureous algae are widely used for cosmetic and beauty purposes into the SPA.
The exclusive thermal cosmetic line makes use of their extracts to create a wide range of products for both facial and body care.

Therapeutic indications

Chronic and recurring pathologies of locomotor apparatus: arthrosis, rheumatism, functional and surgical outcomes, osteoporosis.
Dermatologic pathologies: psoriasis, acne, seborrhoea.

Le indicazioni terapeutiche riguardano patologie croniche e recidivanti degli apparati locomotore e respiratorio:
• apparato locomotore: artrosi primitive e secondarie, reumatismi extraarticolari, esiti traumatici e postumi di interventi chirurgici, reumatismi infiammatori cronici, osteoporosi;
• apparato respiratorio: sinusiti croniche, broncopneumopatie cronico-ostruttive.

The method of administration of the treatment consists in stationing for 10 minutes in the cave, followed by a reaction period, the so-called “sweating reaction”, of about 20 minutes on a bed.
One treatment per day for 12-20 consecutive days, a rest in the middle of the cycle is recommended. For best results you can better combine the Sulphureous Algae application with the Sulphureous Bath.
Pain reduction and increased articular functionality. Skin lesions reduction.
To be admitted to the thermal treatments medical clearance and certification is needed.
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